Two hard-hitting weekends of today’s hottest music, a party atmosphere and all that comes with it, and the sultry California desert as your backdrop. What more could you want? Coachella can be the highlight of the year for festival-goers, but it’s easy to let your health fall to the back burner amidst all the excitement. But a hazy, dreamy desert weekend and maintaining your health, hydration and wellbeing don’t have to be mutually exclusive. When Coachella 2020 is underway April 10-12 and 17-19, having just a bottle of water or two on hand won’t be enough. Include The Cure IV in your plans. An IV drip is the fastest way to get the vital nutrients back into your body that are lost through sweat, long days in the sun, indulging in libations and getting minimal sleep. Treatments can be administered either preemptively before the drinking and dancing commence, or as an antidote afterwards. We’ll be just a phone call away during Coachella 2020. Our nurses are on call to come to the aid of individuals and groups staying in the area. Our quickly- and painlessly-administered and fast-acting IV treatments will keep you healthy and hydrated so you can party on and get the most out of your dreamy desert days at Coachella 2020.