Lysine, another very important amino acid in our skin’s integrity, is an iv therapy you can opt for. If you are one who suffers from common cold sores that embarrass you and makes you hide from the public, this lysine iv therapy is for you. Healing a wound? Read on for further info on how to heal faster without a scar.

What is Lysine IV Therapy For

Those of you who suffer from cold sores have been begging for an iv therapy cure! We understand it is frustrating enough – the tingly, burning, annoying feeling you have from these but to add to it the embarrassment of your presence to everyone. Your mind races when you are face-to-face thinking, “I know the word that is coming to their mind right now – herpes!” Here is your answer!  Bypass your embarrassment with lysine injection. Lysine, the strong amino acid, blocks another amino acid that actually causes the Herpes simplex. Herpes, you have for life. It hides in your central nervous system waiting for a time when you are vulnerable, such as low-immunity, then it will present itself as the lovely blister (Alternative Medicine Review, June 10, 2005). The arginine makes the cold sore but the lysine, extra lysine from our lysine iv, blocks the arginine from forming the cold sore (Dermatologica, 1987). Studies show that indeed, higher levels or lysine in the blood help one fight cold sores (Healthline; October 6, 2018). You may be wondering how often you should seek lysine iv therapy for cold sore prevention? You need to be consuming this essential amino acid daily in your diet. People who were studied to prevent cold sores with lysine therapy were taking it three times per day! You are more than welcome to visit our facility three times a day for iv pushes, however for most this is not possible in a busy schedule. Our suggestion is to come to our facility or book an appointment for mobile lysine iv therapy before you know a big event is coming to ensure the cold sore does not pop up on the day. Or when you feel a stressful situation coming up in your life that exacerbates stress and this nuisance virus is sure to appear – book lysine iv therapy. 

Here are some foods to be eating every day for daily lysine: beef is very high in lysine, the highest. Skirt steak is a great option that isn’t the highest in fat on the paradigm of meat choices. Lysine ranks the highest along with other cuts of beef and/or lamb. If red meat is a choice you are staying away from for personal or cardiovascular health reasons, we need to choose the next best choice. A lean chicken breast is a second-highest food in lysine. Turkey and pork chops would be your next best options, respectively. Does the sound of eating pork scare you because of the fat content? Not all pork is created equal: pork chops have the same amount of fat grams as a skinless chicken leg. The skin of the chicken leg puts the chicken over the pork. Just want to go super lean and not worry about trimming the fat? Opt for tuna, cod, sardines, and king crab. If you have high cholesterol though you should only choose the king crab leg on special occasions. Even though the king crab is extremely lean, we usually accompany it with high-fat dips such as butter or delicious aioli (HealthCentral; November, November 12, 2016). As you can see, animal choices are your best selections for edible lysine preventing that cold sore. Need some vegetarian options: milk and cheese, especially ricotta, cottage, and the parmesan cheese the highest. Say you are a vegan? Your highest options respectively from highest to lowest: tofu, peas, beans, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, and nuts. Have you ever heard of spirulina? People take it for health reasons but don’t know they are taking it. As one doctor told me, it is your fountain of youth from the inside out. Here is the reason, it heals your skin. On with reasons why you should supplement our lysine iv therapy including skin and stress.

Side Effects of IV Lysine

Here is another reason to partake of your daily nutritional supply of lysine and invest in lysine iv therapy for stressful situations or anticipated events – positive or negative. Lysine has been proven to reduce mental stress. Lysine is a strong amino acid as mentioned before with cold sores; it oversees blocking other substances that cause negative effects. A one-week study of people experiencing stress also supplementing with lysine reported less stress with the one week of supplementation. Another study measured cortisol levels with lysine therapy. Cortisol is the stress hormone that makes us pack on pounds around the middle. Alcohol is one substance that increases cortisol, but the production of the most cortisol is from stress. Cortisol levels were lower with lysine; therefore, lysine iv therapy is going to make you more at peace (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the U.S.A; June 1, 2004). Studies also show lysine helps with mental disorders perception of the outside world. You know, we all see the world through our own lens. If you think life is great, the world will appear all roses; if you see the cup half empty, you will see the world as dreary gray and cloudy. Lysine iv therapy will elevate your mental health (BMC Medicine, 2011).

If osteoporosis is prevalent in your family history, side effects of lysine iv therapy include your body absorbing more calcium and storing it longer in your bones. Your bones’ storage of calcium can be compared to a bank. You store your money in a bank; when you need some money, you pull money out of the bank if you don’t have money in your hand. The same goes for calcium. Calcium is stored in your bones. If you are not consuming enough through diet, your body will pull it from the bones to nourish the blood. When your body must keep pulling from your bones leaving soft malleable bones, it turns to the humpback disease of osteoporosis or easy fractures. And if there is an overabundance one day, say you ate three to four sources of high calcium foods, if your blood is adequately supplied and your bones are, the excess is excreted in the urine. The lysine supplement, however, increases your stomach’s absorption of calcium, which absorption can be precarious sometimes depending on what you eat it with, and the kidney’s absorption of the nutrient and maintaining it in the body, not to be excreted.

If you are healing from a skin laceration, one of the lysine iv therapy benefits increasing collagen production for healing. Collagen, a very well-known structure-giving part of skin, gives skin its tightness, to prevent sagging. Lysine iv therapy acts as a binding agent for the collagen to latch on to the healing area and speed the duration of healing. In one study, healing time was increased by two weeks! (Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, October-December 2009). If you are healing from a wound or maybe even want to take a chance for more collagen production in general, eat the high lysine foods and have weekly boosts of lysine iv therapy.

You see lysine supplements lining the shelves at the drug store but didn’t know what lysine iv therapy did until now. The lysine iv therapy is intravenously infused to create greater faster 100% absorption. Above you have hard studied facts of lysine’s numerous studies proving to benefit. Other ongoing studies include reducing blood sugar in diabetes, reducing blood pressure, reducing cancer cell growth and preventing cataracts in eyes. Most notable, lysine iv therapy is for two words: skin and stress. Skin regarding collagen building, stress for reducing anxiety, skin and stress for preventing cold sores.