Do you know what you are really putting into your body when you partake of branched-chain amino acids? BCAAs are in our sports drinks to help us work out, glycine in our collagen helps us sleep deep, taurine is in our energy drinks we buy at the gas station. But do we really know what we are putting in our bodies? It is good to know rather than just throw random ingredients in our bodies just because everyone else is doing it. There are studies that show when you mentally know the good attributes of food, they are more effective physically. Don’t just take things randomly without being informed of what it does to your body.  Didn’t we learn this lesson in our junior high quest class? Don’t do something because everyone is doing it. Don’t be a sheep, be the leader of the pack. In this case, be an owl. Make your own wise informed decisions. 

What are branched-chain amino acids? Whenever you eat protein, you are taking in chains of amino acids. All protein is made up of chains of amino acids; they are the building blocks that makeup protein. There are essential amino acids for us and nonessential amino acids. Essential amino acids must be acquired through the diet. Nonessential amino acids are made by the body, so we do not have to consume them. 

Branched-chain amino acid benefits include more energy for athletes, less fatigue, improved concentration, and reduced muscle breakdown during exercise. Bodybuilders use branched-chain amino acids during fasting workouts from cut to a week before the competition. The fasting workout enhances fat breakdown. There are no readily available sugars from food in the bloodstream for energy, so the body has to rely on stored nutrients including some stored sugars, fat on the body and inevitably, some protein. Yes, your body breaks down its own protein, its muscle. The goal is to limit the amount of muscle breakdown as much as possible. The premise with the branched-chain amino acid consumption is to minimize its own muscle breakdown. A study performed on athletes ingesting BCAA’s before and after eccentric exercise had less muscle pain and fatigue forty-eight to seventy-two hours after workouts (Nutrients, October 2018).

There are branch chain amino acid side effects used intravenously especially for the seriously ill. BCAA’s help enhances the appetite in those malnourished, especially those suffering from cancer. Branched-chain amino acids side effects also help with those suffering from such severe liver disease that the liver is unable to eliminate toxins in the blood and the toxins have invaded the brain, leading to brain damage. There are mixed reports on intravenous branch chain amino acid side effects including diabetes mellitus and autism. 

BCAA Injection Side Effects

What do branched-chain amino acids do for the body? There are mixed studies regarding this topic; some very promising toward the branched-chain amino acids benefits for the body. These are proven medical unbiased studies:

Protein, composed of amino acids, is the building blocks to life. That is why people are so concerned when someone announces they are going vegetarian. We know protein is so important for sustaining life so worries flood our brain if that person is going to receive enough protein. Branched-chain amino acids are what makeup proteins and are a necessity for life. Choosing to invest in an amino acid shot delivers fast-acting completely intravenous absorption of these branched-chain amino acid benefits. 

Of all the nutrients, protein has the most life-sustaining responsibilities. Other important tasks of protein are making enzymes, hormones, antibodies to fight diseases, skin and connective tissue. Because of these important roles, people choose to up their intake of branched-chain amino acid benefits and have amino acid iv treatment. The amino acid iv treatment may be a better option for you than the amino acid shot if you are looking for a treatment that will last you a substantial amount of time, with a greater variety of branched-chain amino acid benefits and a larger amount. If you elect to have an amino acid shot; you will choose one of our solo amino acid shot treatments such as:

When you make this selection you are choosing to focus on the benefits of that one particular amino acid listed above instead of the amino acid iv therapy composed of as many as all twelve essential amino acids. 

There is nothing more essential to life, other than oxygen and air, than protein, composed of branched-chain amino acid benefits. We cannot live without them – we would not have been formed, we could not fight disease, we would have never grown from boy to man or girl to woman. For this reason, amino acid injections, amino acid iv therapy, and amino acid shots are not something to pass over but consider to enhance your performance.