Nurse Documentation Form

For Internal Use Only: Patient:  DOB (Verified by ID)  

  Start Time:  BP: BPM: SpO2%:   End Time:  BP: BPM: SpO2%: 
IV started on:
using aseptic technique. Infused:  L of IV Fluids
with:  mg B12 ml B-Complex  mg Ascorbic Acid Taurine Biotin L-Carnitine Alpha Lipoic Acid  Zinc  mg Glutathione IV / IVP IVP:   mg Toradol  mg Zofran  mg Pepcid  mg Diphenhydramine mg Glutathione Intramuscular Injection (IM):   Gauge Needle:  Location of Shot:  mg B12  ml B-Complex  Vitamin D3   Coenxyme Q10
         RN Initials Notes:  Receipt #   Date: 

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