Mobile IV Therapy in The Bay Area

The Cure IV facilitates mobile wellness services to help individuals reach their optimum health. We specialize in custom IV Infusion Therapy and Vitamin Boosts.Silicon Valley is infamously known for being one of largest contributors to our advances in technology! Rejuvenate your mind after and replenish your electrolytes after a busy work day, or a day of sightseeing. From Googleplex to NASA, we have the perfect blend of electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to keep you and your team in top shape!

How It Works
What Are The Benefits of IV Therapy?

IV therapy works fast to rejuvenate your body and provide enormous health benefits. Whether you’re looking for a quick immune system boost or relief from chronic pain and diseases, there’s no waiting for medications to filter through your digestive system. Intravenous Nutritional Therapy aids to enhance immune support, mood support, brain function, energy levels and better overall health and wellbeing. But you may be asking yourself, why an IV?

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