Daily you ingest that expensive pill touted to be composed of the best fast-absorbing vitamins to make you the healthiest you. How do you know if you are absorbing these vitamins to their fullest? According to research, it is difficult to analyze the absorption rate of multivitamins. The complexity of several vitamins and minerals presented at once, combined with the different interactions they have on each other regarding the absorption rate, makes it difficult to correctly measure. The absorption rate can vary depending on different stages of the life cycle, illnesses, and acute situations amongst other variables. How I know I’m receiving all the vitamins and minerals from my pill is unknown…it’s a mystery.

Hence the implication of mobile vitamin shots. We don’t have to guess the absorption rate here. It goes straight into the blood system for maximum absorption of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Here are some of your choices when it comes to our mobile vitamin injections and how they can support you:

Eliminate the wonder of your body’s absorption rate. Most importantly, they aim to receive these essentials from wholesome fruits, vegetables, lean dairy, and meat products. But it is always best to double-check ourselves. Similarly to why we must have car insurance and highly recommended health insurance. Look at these vitamin shots as double-checking that you are receiving a full supply of nutrients that are absorbed completely into your system. You will come out fighting strong when you do!