When cracking open a can of Monster, do you read the ingredients added to this beverage mandated by the FDA to be disclosed on the side of the can? More importantly, do you know what these ingredients are designed to do? They are proclaimed to enhance your life from drinking this beverage. Or do you just choose this beverage because of its taste, knowing it has some caffeinated energizing effects?

What is Taurine

What is taurine? Taurine is known as the “wonder molecule”. Perhaps it is the name, Taurine, which sounds so much like the astrological strong stubborn sign, the bull – Taurus. This is where taurine derived its name, from the Greek word meaning ox, bull. If this is such a “wonder” ingredient, maybe you should be partaking of it regularly. We support your refusal to do this in the form of soft drinks and energy drinks, those have been proven to be dangerous in teens and young adults who do not understand the severity of high caffeine doses (Contemporary Pediatrics, May 2007). Search no further for your taurine iv dose than right here. You are about to be informed of what improvements you can expect by a taurine iv dose and how to find your nearest iv taurine.

We make taurine naturally in our body; therefore, it is semi-essential. Essential nutrients are those which we can only obtain from outside sources. We also receive the ability to make taurine by consuming animal products. Convenience vegan foods have made their best attempt by adding a synthesized version however, it is not readily available. Synthetic nutrients are not as absorbable as nutrients found naturally in food. It is always best to obtain most of your daily nutrients from food, spoken from your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist rather than through an IV push. The animal sources that are outstanding in supply of taurine are: scallops, mussels, and octopus in that order (Atherosclerosis, January 2010). I recommend googling ways to make octopus for your early summer barbeque. Trust me, I have already experimented and it is worth the try! For those of you not feeling that adventurous, I am guessing that is probably most of you, iv taurine it is for you. Here are the taurine benefits you can expect from our iv taurine infusion:

Taurine Side Effects

Now that we are convinced, we all need an iv dose of taurine, you may be wondering if there are any additional taurine side effects? Here are some additional taurine side effects that are not to be looked over:

Is too much taurine bad for you? Fortunately, there are no reports of deaths from overdose of taurine intake. The deaths that have been reported in Europe were more from caffeine overdose. Taurine is an amino acid, just as creatine, and overuse could lead to potential kidney problems. However, studies have been done on doses from the normal taurine iv dose of 500 – 2000 mg varying per day to high levels such as 2000 mg everyday all seem to be well-tolerated. There was even a study done on levels as high as 3000 mg per day which was also well tolerated without counter implications. I recommend it if you have any of the negative symptoms above and seek relief. I especially would not overlook taurine iv benefits if you are disease ridden with cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is advantageous to the athlete as well. If you are ready to go out and hit the scene and wants some hepatic protection, taurine iv therapy is for you. Always remember however, too much of a good thing is not always best (Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation; March 17, 2002)!