Disregarding the seriousness of the flu is a thing of the past. There are various ways the flu presents itself in different bodies. Symptoms can range from what most people think of when they hear of the flu including nausea/vomiting, headache, diarrhea, body aches, and the chills. But the flu can also present itself in the form of more like a cold with symptoms such as respiratory problems, dizziness, confusion, difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue and high fever along with any of the symptoms listed above for the stomach flu. Take precautions and don’t take it lightly. Seek medical advice immediately as the respiratory flu can advance into severe ear infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Arm your body with a strong army of nutrients to fight any virus or bacteria you come across in the air. This is your new chicken soup for the flu. Once you seek your doctor’s advice, take all the steps to heal as quick as possible with rest, liquids and nutrition such as iv therapy for flu.

IV therapy for flu and cold is like your new chicken soup for your cold. The new and improved intravenous chicken soup! Does IV therapy work for the flu? Absolutely the mega dose of Vitamin C, which is proven in studies to reduce the duration of a cold from 8-14% (Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine, 2014). Echinacea, zinc and Vitamin D were also proven to prevent and treat the flu therefore opt to add a push of those in our iv therapy for flu sure to heal you faster.

What do they always tell you when you are diagnosed with flu? Fluids and rest. Our cold IV therapy is optimally formulated to allow your body to soak the fluids efficiently intercellularly and intracellularly. Being sick is dehydrating, all of that mucous your body is making in defense of the sickness is composed of water and drains away leaving you with less water for your other bodily functions that are still important to carry out during the illness. Head cold iv therapy is very important to wash away the mucous and other toxins you are sweating and urinating out of your body.

Our Influenza IV Therapy

Influenza iv therapy is the way to go, especially when you consider the pain relief you will receive. We add in a safe pain reliever and an inflammation fighter. We still recommend you rest up for a few days even though you may feel so much relief and energy. Our IV therapy for cold will help you heal faster because these nutrients will absorb into your system quicker and more completely with the IV therapy for flu and cold. With oral medication, you take your chances on the absorption rate and efficiency of delivery.

Because you are not feeling like being out in public, book your appointment with the convenience of at-home service. You do not feel good enough to get out of bed nor do you want to be seen with your nose looking like Rudolph and eyes bloodshot. Our nurses will come to you. Plus, this is much safer for not spreading the sickness further. Our IV therapy for flu can be administered wherever you so desire. Book this today as appointments are going to be filling up as fast as the toilet paper flying off the shelves!