Improving Your Hangover Recovery Time

Improving Your Hangover Recovery Time with an IV Treatment

We’ve all been there: super excited for a weekend with old lifelong friends. We do a little pre-party Friday night to get ready for the actual party Saturday night; but then Friday night gets a little too big. You wake up Saturday morning like death came over you, barely able to get out of bed to run to the toilet which your stomach is telling you we’re going to do that soon. You can’t even imagine how to get ready for tonight – the big night and you are so regretting going that heavy the night before. If only there was a cure! “What to do for a hangover,” you ponder as the beats of your pounding headache bang like a drum.


Hangover – What to Do?!?!

Number one: you need hydration. You need pain relief. Your stomach lining is inflated and wants to be calmed before you lose your cookies out either end which is only going to add to your dehydration since both dehydrating conditions as well. You might as well account for your entire body being dehydrated, including your mucous membranes which hold much of your antibodies to fight infection; not to mention you came into contact with a plethora of germs last night! Your body is desperately needing some immunity assistance in rehydrating those membranes. Restoring the vitamins and electrolytes you lost from the heavy drinking is also of utmost importance. You feel dizzy and light-headed, the hangover symptom list goes on and on…what to do? Lay down, feet up, ice pack on head and read on. Hangover relief is on the way with an IV hangover cure!


Hangover Symptoms 

Dehydration is one of the most evident symptoms of a hangover. Look in the mirror, don’t you look ten years older when you are hungover then when you have sobered up for weeks? It’s true, I challenge you to take a selfie now and go dry for two weeks and note the difference. You will witness how much you need hydration right now! The dehydration shows not only in your face but in your rich yellow urine, it reeks in your sweat, you’re dizzy when you bend over, and so thirsty! This is because your kidneys worked overtime last night. Do you remember having to urinate a lot during the night of fun? That’s one of the ways those poor overworked organs last night deal with the abuse. Hence your dehydration the morning after. 


Hangover Cure

 If dehydration is the culprit; rehydration is the answer. Hangover IV cure focuses to rehydrate you making you look, feel and act normal again. Though the best way to cure this from happening again is to stick to one alcoholic drink or none. Try a noncaloric, nonalcoholic beverage like sparkling water or if that is boring, have the server fill a martini glass with sparkling water shaken with olive juice and a pick of olives for my famous Wa-tini; because sometimes we just want to feel fancy without the headache. But sometimes… sometimes… the night gets away from us. It has happened to almost every single one of us; don’t beat yourself up! Hangover IV cure had analgesic medication in the IV drip to alleviate the headache. Ice packs on your head while you receive the treatment will work double-time. The super positive of choosing a hangover IV cure over pills is talk about fast-acting! The iv hangover treatment works even faster than self-proclaimed fast-acting gel caps. Better yet, with our iv hangover cure you do not have to worry about those aggressive pills lying on your stomach wall disrupting your stomach lining even more than it already is. Have you ever taken the pills to alleviate the nauseous feeling hoping to prevent the actual oral defecation? Thirty minutes later you are hanging over the porcelain statue in your bathroom. That is from the disruption of your stomach lining that is already disturbed. Oral pain reliever is not the hangover cure – it makes hangover relief further from our grasp. We don’t have time to waste, the party is starting again soon!


Hangover Relief is Here!

Offering hangover relief is the fortification of vitamins we infuse into the solution. Your liver gave up last night on its job of absorbing nutrients because it was so busy detoxing your blood from alcohol poisoning. Keeping up with you last night was quite the task! Nutrient-wise you are deficient, which compounds problems unless you do find hangover relief now! You need your B vitamins especially. These are the vitamins responsible for breaking down calories from food into energy. Being hungover does not aid in making you feel energetic, does it? And it does make you want to eat, or you should eat the next morning to dilute the toxin overload and restore the deficiency of nutrients your liver was not able to process, and body absorb. The B12 deficiency from your liver being overworked means your team of immune system vitamins is at a deficit – need to replenish! Enter in iv hangover cure, replenishing your B vitamins and rehydrating your mucous membranes. When these are dehydrated, your chances for illness are much greater. Immunity is a top concern for you, especially now.


Does an IV Hangover Drip Cure a Hangover? 

No, nor is it going to cure your choices of wanting to drink a lot but what it can cure is a quick fix for getting rid of the bags, puffiness and wrinkles under your eyes, mouth and glands in the neck. You will be hydrated again after the iv-hangover cure plumping your raisin-like skin back to a juicy grape. Speaking of grapes as it is nearing that first glass of champagne, time to prepare for party number two. Certainly, I don’t want to go out again looking like this! IV hangover cure or at least relief is a must now! You may have that pep in your step again to hit this next party from the B12. It will give you extra defense to fight the germs that found you last night. When you drink, you are careless about what you touch, where you put your hands and your immunity is already down because of alcohol’s negative effect on the body. Your stomach may be put at ease and your headache will dissipate. We cannot promise all the above cures one hundred percent; everyone is different. The main thought we can promise is if you never drink again you won’t feel this way and you will not need an IV hangover drip cure ever again…but in the meantime, we are here for you!


How Much is an IV Drip for a Hangover?

You are looking at iv bags for hangovers costing between $199 and $329. Not bad when you consider how much you saved when your friend prevented you from buying shots for the entire bar last night! Use that money for good, ailing yourself back to health instead of helping more people feel the way you do now. However, we are here for them as well for the IV hangover treatment. 

We all fall sometimes from fun silly choices that we may regret…or maybe not. Regardless, the IV drip hangover treatment is the way to go for a bounce back! Because many of you are searching for this while you are laying in bed not able to barely sit up, have no fear, mobile iv therapy service is here. Phone us now and we will come directly to you. We look forward to helping you get you swagger back – because you are going to need it tonight. This isn’t you and we want you to have the energy to go rock it tonight whatever your plans may be, even if it is just a peaceful night at home. We want you to be healthy and shine again!