The Best Way to Balance Your Hormones

The Best Way to Balance Your Hormones 

Hormones encompass ultimately who we are! You may think that hormone imbalances were merely a condition back in your junior high school days when a pesky zit popped up. Hormones continue to impact and formulate who we are throughout the life cycle, not just in adolescence. Hormones are chemical messengers in your body telling it how to behave. For example, hormones appoint the body to turn on growth when we are teens. Throughout our life we have a hormone, leptin, which dictates us to stop eating. Many of us do not listen to these important internal cues which if we did ultimately would solve a lot of health issues! By just hearing and obeying this one important instinctive cue perhaps the national epidemic of obesity would be cured. Hormones tell us when it is time to go to sleep and of course, hormones are instrumental in sexual intensity contributing to the beautiful creation of another human being.

When life is good and your body, like a machine, is working right, your hormones are in balance. It is priceless! Talk to anyone who is not in balance, and you will know how valuable it is to learn how to balance your hormones. If you are one of the many wondering how to balance your hormones you understand how it is taken for granted when one’s system is running healthily. But when it is not, everything seems to start to break down; life is a mess. Like mentioned precedent, it is like a machine. Take a car for instance: your struts are out of alignment, which affects your tires, which affects your brakes, leading to perhaps a car accident because the brakes aren’t working which affects the body of your car. Same for your human body. Say your melatonin release by your pineal gland is off, which in turn regulates your sleep patterns. When your sleep cycle is disturbed, you have less energy to function throughout the day leading you to ignore hunger cues and overeat to hopefully facilitate some energy from the calories you consume. This goes on for a while and next thing you know you are obese. When you are obese, next your insulin levels are imbalanced. Insulin imbalance leads to increased accumulation of fat on the body, high blood sugars, confusion, dizziness, lethargy, urinating often and nausea/vomiting. And the sequence goes on. The answer is: how to balance hormones to stop this ball of yarn from unraveling in the first place.


How to Balance Hormones 

First, we need to figure out if your hormones are out of balance.  This is a serious health concern, so we handle it with care. We send a medical professional to draw your blood initially and send it to the laboratory to be evaluated by our doctor. If indeed you are out of balance, your prayers have been answered and will teach you how to balance your hormones. We proceed by talking to you in depth about how to balance your hormones through natural efforts such as nutrition and exercise. Sometimes you want faster results though. Nutrition and exercise – the natural way to go, is the best answer but as Americans we want results now. Nutrition and exercise are disciplines that take dedication over time which I highly most recommend you do. It is good for you on many levels hitting the mental, physical and spiritual. Commit yourself by thinking of it like brushing your teeth, you don’t really see the results from not brushing your teeth one night except for maybe a hint of bad breath the next morning when you arise, but days after days of neglecting this hygienic must, you will definitely feel and smell a difference. We recommend once we discover your hormone imbalances you take our suggestions in balancing yourself holistically by behaviors that take dedication and longevity.


Supplements & Vitamins to Balance Hormones 

Our professional direction for you is if you want to accelerate this process, you take supplements we prescribe. As Americans, most of us are not very patient or disciplined in terms of diet and exercise so this is the answer. With vitamin and mineral therapy through our IV solutions, you can count on fast effective results. I wouldn’t rely on just over-the-counter supplements to cure what ails you. We customize an IV therapy solution specifically for you. Sure, you can choose oral vitamins to balance your hormones however the fastest way to experience results is through hormone iv therapy designed especially for you. Not only is the quickest way, this is the most self-assured way to make sure you are choosing the right combination of nutrients on how to balance your hormones. This is not something for amateurs. People go to college, medical school and test to achieve their license for this. Put your health in a health care professional’s hands that will care for you uniquely as an individual. We have that on our team. Our doctor will study your blood results and administer exactly the vitamin and mineral iv therapy that is right for you on how to balance your hormones. 


Every year during your annual check-up, you should have a prescription for your blood laboratories drawn to ensure everything is stable to create optimal healthy functioning. You can organize this simply through us by making an appointment for our licensed nurse to come to the comfort of your own how to collect your blood. We will find if any value within your endocrine system or precursor red flags of hormone imbalance within other readings such as vitamins, minerals or sugars. There is a difference to normal fluctuations within your endocrine system and imbalances. Our hormones rise and fall with situations as simple as the ingestion of food, with the onset of nighttime, and within the menstrual cycle from month to month.  However, an imbalance is chronic large improper levels which can show up in men with symptoms such as: hair loss, lack of libido, weight gain, breast development, sleep disturbances, muscle weakness, fatigue, infertility and erectile dysfunction. Women with hormone imbalance may experience weight gain, mood swings, depression, sleeping problems, loss of libido, weariness, hot flashes, night sweats and intense food cravings. 

Sleep, happiness, and a healthy weight may be just around the corner with this exclusive specific intricate treatment made individually for you. Start today by booking your appointment to have your blood labs drawn and evaluated. Stop stressing about your sleep, about your weight and crying with anxiety. You do not deserve to live this way and deserve to live life to the fullest being healthy and happy so get a hormone balancing IV treatment today!