What Is IV Vitamin Therapy? Benefits & Side Effects

What Is IV Vitamin Therapy?  Have you ever had someone selling you on the idea that you should take his/her multivitamin because it is the best possible state for absorption? “Liquid formula is the best,” he insists. It makes sense, the liquid form is already in a liquid state for absorption whereas the pill form read more..

Do You Have A Vitamin Deficiency?

Do You Have A Vitamin Deficiency? Luckily, because of modern science, we do not fear death from vitamin deficiencies such as scurvy like back in the day or pellagra. Nowadays we moreover must fear illnesses because of excessive intake of nutrients such as fat and calories. If there is nutrient deficiency it is more likely read more..

Does NAD IV Therapy Work? Benefits & Side Effects

Does NAD IV Therapy Work?  NAD therapy – what is NAD therapy? NAD therapy is one of our most exclusive options on our menu for iv therapy at home or in our clean comfortable facility. Our NAD IV delivers directly into your circulatory system bypassing the digestive track where malabsorption or other nutrients may take read more..

How A Myers Cocktail Can Improve Your Health

How A Myers Cocktail Can Improve Your Health Myer’s Cocktail sounds appealing, like we should be cozying up to a happy hour ordering one after a long hard day’s work. We still could do that; it is not what we are thinking, however. Order a Myer’s Cocktail – sure! However do almost completely the reverse read more..

How To Get Over Jet Lag With An IV

One of the most important health disciplines we tend to shave off our priority list is sleep. Ultimately, we underrate how important sleep is by not prioritizing it first. As a pressing deadline lurks, house chores, mental stress, early morning workouts, wee hours spent over drinks catching up with friends, flights across the country: what read more..

IV Hydration Therapy – The Ins & Outs

Did you ever realize that the cure for your exhaustion may be as simple as hydrating yourself? Perhaps you are dehydrated…it can be that simple. Why do you become tired when you are dehydrated? Your blood is composed of water; your blood makes up at least 60% of who you are. When you allow yourself read more..

The Best Way to Balance Your Hormones

The Best Way to Balance Your Hormones  Hormones encompass ultimately who we are! You may think that hormone imbalances were merely a condition back in your junior high school days when a pesky zit popped up. Hormones continue to impact and formulate who we are throughout the life cycle, not just in adolescence. Hormones are read more..

Improving Your Hangover Recovery Time

Improving Your Hangover Recovery Time with an IV Treatment We’ve all been there: super excited for a weekend with old lifelong friends. We do a little pre-party Friday night to get ready for the actual party Saturday night; but then Friday night gets a little too big. You wake up Saturday morning like death came read more..

Should You Get A Glutathione IV?

Should You Get A Glutathione IV The mother of all antioxidants! That sounds like something I want in my body, especially with how precarious the flu and other viral infections have been in recent years. Glutathione – It is said to be the best antioxidant around since Vitamin C. It’s hard to imagine a nutrient read more..

Reasons To Get A Glutathione Injection

Reasons To Get A Glutathione Injection As if you need a reason to get a Glutathione boost right now with all of the health scares and crisis going on? I am writing this while we are in one of the most popular media-covered pandemics we have ever witnessed – the coronavirus. Glutathione is the mother read more..